BMW 3 Series Touring Photos Released on Mother’s Day

BMW released the first images of the new sports wagon ironically on Mother’s Day. However the new 3 Series Touring may not look or drive so “mom-ish” when it comes out Spring of 2013. Today Laurel BMW published photos of the new car and a link to BMW’s design page for perspective customers via Facebook.

At Laurel BMW near Naperville, the new and revamped BMW 3 series Touring can be designed by the customer in three ways. BMW will offer the Touring the Sport Line, Luxury Line, and Modern Line. The Touring wagon will give customers the same utility and maneuverability as the sporty BMW 328i sedan.

On the BMW blog, they say it is more athletic than ever. Important, BMW enhanced the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency which in turn reduces the amount of gas used. They contend that the enhancement is due to the replacement of central air tanks by two larger intakes located under the headlights. Now with the two larger intakes, there are two small, vertical intakes on each main duct that together create an air curtain. This air curtain makes for greater speed and thus better fuel efficiency.

Although BMW Laurel released photos today, the details on pricing, option/standard equipment, and some special details are still to come. It is noted, however, that the 3 Series Touring will be equipped with lane departure warnings, blind spot detection, and an improved Automatic Collision Notification system.

The Touring will have a full color,  Head-Up display that will not only work with the Apple iPhone and other smartphones but it will be able to show Facebook and Twitter updates.

Interior Shot of New 3 Series Touring Coming 2013

This updated sport wagon, with the ability to be specially designed, will be much more than a car in which children fit comfortably with Mom. We know at BMW Laurel that it is designed for sheer driving pleasure. We can assure you that the upcoming 3 Series Touring will fit four adults and long objects like skis nicely.

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